Brand Identity & UI Design

Beagle Finance

Project overview

Beagle Finance is a startup company that helps people with no credit history or with bad credit history get car financing at the best rate possible. The client needed my help with a logo design and a website design.

After taking into account the type of potential client, the clients' preferences, etc. we established that the company should be sending a message: „Don’t worry. We will help you.” The logo and the website design had to be minimalistic due to client's preferences. The website needed to be responsive, easy to use and simple. Imagery played a big role in setting the calming mood of the site. We worked in a great collaborative environment for some time and the final result met the clients' hopes and expectations.

Work created

Logo Design,
Website Design

and location

Beagle Finance,
United Kingdom

Website design

Website for Beagle Finance company was the main tool for obtaining clients. From there the potential client could easily calculate his finances and read all the important information about getting a loan. The website had to be easy to use, easy to navigate and also create a feeling of trust and safety.

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