How graphic design can help your brand to be more successful

Orbital Pixel Design / October 15, 2017

Let’s start with facts

It’s not that graphic design is the key to success of your company. It is up to you to treat your clients with the best service or provide them the best products. But also be aware that graphic design can help you to show your potential clients that you are a big deal on the market. Visual representation of your company is most likely the first thing that your future client will see by going to your website or looking at your business card or even see it on your car, window, etc.

How should it work?

Most clients don’t know that graphic design is not just about making a little sign with type as a logo or putting some pictures together as a website for your company. It’s also about planning, strategy, analyzing and many other things that have to be done before making the official design. You need to establish your potential clients, the field of companies’ expertise, a type of a company that you are running, the average age of potential clients, etc. All that needs to be determined before jumping into designing stuff. It will make a story of a „typical” client to whom the design should appeal to. A good design will attract more attention of your target market. That will make your business grow.

Is it just a logo?

Most people say that a logo is just a mark that a designer can make in 5 minutes or less. Couple lines, shapes, some type next to it… No problem, right? Wrong! Think about this. The logo that you are getting will be reproduced countless of times on any material. It could be printed on a business card, it could be put on a car, truck, train or even on an airplane! It will go wherever you need it to be. This sign has to work well on any surface, it will be your main sign that will be connected with your company probably for years. You are given a template of a sign that will be on anything you want for as long as you want. Now think about it. Is it really just a logo?

It’s a package design of a company

Wouldn’t you agree? When a potential client looks for a company he or she goes to some search engines on the internet. They compare companies that they found based on few factors. First what they look at is which of these companies looks or feels the most professional and trustworthy for them. It takes just about few seconds for them to decide. If a company has a good, professional website then it is most likely that it will be the one for most clients. It can show them that you know what you are doing, that you are qualified enough to satisfy their needs. The rest is up to you. This package design of your company succeeded in pulling their attention. Now you look as good or even better than the main competitor on the market and it’s time for you to shine with the best quality services or products.

Things to consider

Graphic design is one of the most important things when it comes to building a memorable and professional branding for a company. It can attract or push away potential clients. It is really important to think through every decision when it comes to logo design, website design and any other field of visual creation of a brand. When you select a partner to make the design with, make sure that the designer's portfolio has a style, feel and quality that you are looking for in your future brand.