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Specializing in solving problems and helping startups shine on the market.

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UI Design

Do you have an idea for an app or a website? I can help you create a great product for your business.

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Brand Identity

Creating one will help your business look professional and trustworthy.

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Step by step

How my work is done

1. Research

By asking the right questions and establishing facts to help understand the desired goal.

2. Plan

Organizing gathered information and creating a strategic plan.

3. Wireframe

Creating sketches for the first ideas based on research and planning.

4. Consult

Communicating with a client, gathering feedback and doing iterations.

5. Design

Carefully crafting the final outcome with attention to details.

6. Deliver

Handing over the desired product of collaboration and creating something new together again 🤝.

What I did so far

Latest projects

What my clients say

Always working with passionate people

Dmytro Khmara

CEO All Goods

It was such a pleasure working with Piotr! By asking the right questions and collecting my feedback Piotr was able to create an awesome and unique logo and a style guide for me - exactly what I wanted.

Dmytro Khmara

CEO All Goods

This is my second project with Piotr. And he again proved to be the most talented designer I've ever worked with!

I was specifically looking for an experienced designer who not only does what I say but who can also suggest how the best UI & UX practices can be applied to my project.

Matthew Kendelski

CEO Stroke Wars

Piotr goes above and beyond the call of duty and is by far the best designer I have worked with. He pays careful attention to detail, communicates very effectively and also listens very well. He has a wealth of experience in the entire design process that can be applied to any type of project. 

David Rocks

CEO Beagle Finance

What made Piotr stand out for us was that very quickly he put forward ideas on how design could be used to achieve our goal, it was not just a job to be completed but a problem to be solved and a solution to be found.

The design process was professionally handled, we worked through different design options but we also had a choice in how the design process would work. Communication was always excellent and replies always prompt.

We were really happy with the results of what was an enjoyable project to work on. The completed designs have met everything we hoped to achieve and as we plan to use Piotr again it goes without saying we would highly recommend him.

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